Safety and security of children in JNVs should be given paramount importance in the administration. Threat to life of the Children and property in JNVs should be given top-priority. “Prevention is better than care” hold good here.
Principal and staff should adhere to all the instruction given by Samithi in true spirit and take all preventive measures to avoid any last minute crisis management. Institution plan should reflect the action plan in terms of Safety and Security measures to be taken in JNVs.
In addition to NVS instructions, every JNV should identify the safety issues which are specific to their schools and conduct periodical review meeting which have to be recorded.
A kind of “system approach” to be developed in the Vidyalaya, so that safety issues don’t miss the priority in the course of time. Every department should identify their safety issues and submit to safety and security committee of the Vidyalaya who in tern develop a plan of action for proper implementation.
Principal to send the fortnight report related to safety and security measures undertaken at JNV to the RO every month. In addition to the other measures related to safety and security, the principals are advised to implement the following measures as well:

1. The Principal has to verify the M.O.D report daily.
2. The student’s medical records are to be updated weekly and to be verified by the Vice Principal and Principal.
3. The House Masters / House Mothers have to visit their dormitory and interact along with inquiry of issue of articles.
4. Running water facility to toilets and bathrooms is to be ensured.
5. A suitable counselor is to be nominated for counseling of emotionally disturbed children.
6. Responsibility for supervision of physical hazards / dangerous points in the campus is to be fixed with the staff.
7. The Principal is to conduct weekly review meetings with H.Ms and House leaders.
8. The control register and grievance box are to be operational.
9. The dormitories are to be locked during class hours and school building daily night time.
10. All bushes in the campus are to be cleared periodically and adequate lighting in the campus is to be ensured.
11. Depending upon the need of the Vidyalaya action plan is to be developed to ensure safety and security.

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