• Honorable Member of Parliament Shri Pradeep Majhi on 13.11.10 has visited this Vidyalaya and given a remark that this JNV is the milestone to provide educational facilities to the tribal students in the remote corner of the state dominated by the tribal population and express an opinion of opening at least 04 JNVs at Malkangiri for the transformation of locality.

  • On 08.12.2012 a team under the leadership of Shri P.K.Tiwari IAS Director Ministry Human Resource Development, Govt. of India along with the District Collector cum Chairman Shri Vineel Krishna, IAS visitied this Vidyalaya and was highly impressed by seeing the quality education in backward area like Malkangiri.

  • On 07.04.2011 His Excellency Governor of Odisha Shri Murali Dhar Chandra Kanta Bhandra visited this Vidyalaya and expressed his view as very inspiring and fulfilling the vision of the best school he had visited and optimistically assured that this school will take tribal literacy ahead.

  • On 25.12.2011 Shri Balwant Singh,IAS DC cum Chairman remarked that this JNV is the changing agent of the Malkangiri District.

  • On 05.10.12 Shri Himanshu Shekhar Das, DEO Malkangiri was highly impressed by seeing the overall development and neat and clean environment of the Vidyalaya.

  • Again Honorable M.P Shri Pradeep Majhi visited this Vidyalaya on 24.11.2012 and was highly impressed by seeing the ameliorating situation of this Vidyalaya and sanguinely says that this JNV is really fulfilling the vision of the Late Rajiv Gandhi ji and he is proud to see the changes and progress of the Vidyalaya. On the same day Mrs Mamata Madhi Honourable MLA, Chitrokonda made an opinion that she was so much astonished by seeing an excellent institution like JNV, Malkangiri and it is an indeed proud to the people of Malkangiri.

  • On 25.03.2013 Dr. Abhilash Nayak, Regional Director, IGNOU , Koraput visited this Vidyalaya and was highly elated and made a remark that this school is suitable for a pace setting and role model for Education

  • So many dignitaries visited this Vidyalaya and fully impressed by the Vidyalaya .This is due to the kind co-operation of District Administration and the proper support of the District collector cum chairman of this Vidyalaya and we staff members properly nourish the student to flourish the future of India by moulding good citizens.
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