Art in Education

Art in Education work shop is an empirical activity which involves seeing, observing, interpreting, discovering, imagining, reproducing, rehearsing, group decision making and polishing of skills. It facilitates aesthetic experience and learning. A diversity of art activities encourages creativity, often stems from cognitive thought processes in the students. It encourages independent thought through critical thinking, reflection, reasoning, analysis and synthesis.
Art in education gives an excellent opportunity for students to give an outlet to their originality. Different concepts are to be given to different schools. Each school is able to bring to the lime light the culture and tradition of that locality. It helps in inculcating moral values pertaining local and global issue. They help to foster, nurture and kindle the latent talent in the child. They develop a broader view regarding various forms of drama, folk songs, folk dances, theatre and creative writing.
It increases student’s performance in academic areas as these activities require exercising the brain of the young child. It strongly improves their free expression. Student acquires some of the process of theatre. They explore and experiment with techniques and develop ideas.

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