Parliamentary democracy has taken roots in our country and, therefore, from the point of view of further strengthening democracy the Fourth All India Whips' Conference held in Bombay in 1962, conceived the idea of encouraging the Youth Parliament in educational institutions.

  • To make students understand the parliamentary procedure.
  • To develop in students an insight into the working of parliament
  • To make students consider public issues and form their opinion on them.
  • To train students in the technique of group discussion
  • To develop in students an ability to arrive at a decision after group discussion.
  • To develop them in them respect and tolerance for the views of others.
  • To develop in them an understanding that respect for rules is essential for conducting any discussion systematically and effectively.
  • To train students in group behaviour.
  • To make students aware of various problems facing our society and the country.
  • To develop in students the quality of leadership.
  • To make students understand the common man's point of view and express it in an articulated manner.

Yoga and Physical education


  • To develop the organic fitness of the child
  • To develop the neuro-muscular skills
  • To develop the character and personality
The following activities are suggested.
i) Physical training: conditioning exercises, Jogging, Gymnastics, Mass drill, Aerobics, callisthenics etc.
ii) Physical &mental culture : Yogic exercises
iii) Organised games: Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volley ball, Hockey, Basketball, through ball etc.
iv) Sports and athletics.
A uniform system of Physical exercises and Yoga activities in the morning and Sports and Games activities in the After Noon P.T. time are to be planned. (Annexure –II)

In the morning P.T. the activities like Jogging, Aerobics, callisthenics, Gymnastics, Mass drill and other associated actives for four days and Yoga activities for two days to be organized. No specific games should be conducted during the Morning PT which may likely to affect the performance of the child during the course of the day. The MOD, HM/AHM and Staff nurse are to be present for morning PT. PETs and students are to be in appropriate dress for the PT and games. Proper time table is to be planned to engage all students both in morning and in the evening PT effectively based on their interest and aptitude. Roll call is a must and all the details of the activities are to be documented. Training must be such that every student will have some perfection in at least two areas. Sports calendar is to be prepared and implemented in letter and sprit.

Meetings to be conducted

1) VMC/ VAC (Quarterly)
2) Safety and Security Meeting (Fortnightly)
3) PTC Meeting (1st / 2nd Saturday/ Sunday of every month)
4) Subject Committee Meeting (Monthly)
5) Academic Committee Meeting (Monthly)
6) Mess Committee Meeting (1st week of every month)
7) House Meeting (2nd week of every month)


Important days to be celebrated
1) 12th January - National Youth Day
2) 15th January - Army Day
3) 26th January - Republic Day
4) 30th January - Martyr;’s Day
5) 28th February - National Science Day
6) 8th March - International Women’s Day
7) 15th March - World Disabled Day
8) 21st March - International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination
9) 7th April - World Health Day
10) 31st May - Anti-Tobacco Day
11) 5th June - World Environment Day
12) 11th July - World Population Day
13) 9th August - Quit India Day
14) 15th August - Independence Day
15) 29th August - National Sports Day
16) 5th September - Teacher’s Day
17) 8th September - World Literacy Day
18) 2nd October - Gandhi Jayanthi
19) 30th October - World Thrift Day
20) 11th November- National Education Day
21) 14th November- Children’s Day
22) 1st December - World AIDS Day
23) 10th December- Human Rights Day

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